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Real Wood Foil

Our Sheer Veneer is the only paper-thin 100% real wood roll foil stock available on the market.   Fitting into a category by itself, it offers the natural beauty that only real wood can, with strength, durability, and fade-resistance unmatched by any woodgrain printed paper foil, yet can be laminated and converted using fast and efficient foil based production processes.

Sheer Veneer can be finished (stained, painted and varnished) in roll form or “print-stained” and varnished using typical rotogravure and flexo printing processes.  It can then be laminated onto MDF, HDF or fiberboard in the same process as foil, requiring no special cutting or finishing equipment.  Our wood can even be profile wrapped onto moldings and extrusions, just like foil.

Our manufacturing of Sheer Veneer is highly efficient and environmentally friendly, as we do not sand in our process, nor do we use resins (formaldehyde or otherwise), steam heating or chemical processing in the making of our Sheer Veneer product.  Our yield per log is unmatched by any other veneer manufacturer, as our standard thickness is three to five times less than what most traditional veneers are peeled at.

Uses for Sheer Veneer Real Wood Foil

  •  Ready to assemble (RTA) furniture 
  •  Ceiling tiles
  •  Flooring
  •  Garage door surfaces
  •  Wallpaper and wall decals
  •  Window and door surfaces
  •  Automotive, RV, airplane and boat interiors
  • Trim profile wrapping
  • Partitions and panels
  • Kitchen and closet cabinets

Advantages / Benefits of Sheer Veneer Real Wood Foil

    1. Sheer Veneer is real wood, not reconstituted wood fibers or paper printed to look like wood.

    2. It’s extremely thin caliper (.010” / .254mm / 254µm) allows Sheer Veneer to be laminated and profile wrapped just like printed film and foil wraps. 

    3. Sheer Veneer comes in rolls up to 40” wide by 5,000’ long.

    4. The surface of Sheer Veneer requires no sanding, thus providing an authentic hand-feel that cannot be replicated.

    5. Sheer Veneer can be print-stained and varnished using conventional rotogravure or flexographic printing presses.

    6. As a real wood product, Sheer Veneer is extremely durable and does not require impregnation to add to it’s strength.  Sheer Veneer is naturally fade-resistant, instead darkening with age to a rich patina indicative of real wood.

    7. Unlike printed film and foil wraps, when scratched, real wood Sheer Veneer can be repaired (sanded, stained and finished) much like common veneer or solid wood surfaces.

    8. Sheer Veneer can be roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet laminated onto almost any substrate including MDF, HDF, fiberboard, steel, aluminum, corrugate or plastic.

    9. The process for making Sheer Veneer Real Wood Foil product offers significant wood yield gains compared to traditional veneer production, thereby reducing waste, energy use and cost.

    10. Sheer Veneer is manufactured using only hand selected logs which are 100% sustainably harvested and locally grown, in the USA and can be tracked back to the 40 acre parcel each log was harvested from.

Sheer Veneer Real Wood Foil is stocked in Cherry and Birch woods.  Other hardwood species, including Maple and Walnut are also available.

For more information about our Sheer Veneer Real Wood Foil products, please contact , or 715-635-8800.